Greetings from Lyon!

Dear Friends,

At present, in France, we’re  coming to the end of a wonderful production of Beethoven’s Fidelio where I play the ‘devil incarnate’.  I’ve uploaded a photo so you can see why I have the best costume…the last samurai to torture the world!!!

Lyon is a dream. Whilst Opera is the first love of myself and Larysa, food and wine are a very close second! And Lyon is, without doubt, the gastronomic capital of the world. 

Over the last 25 years, Larysa has built a list of the most wonderful restaurants in the world.  Funnily enough, there are less than 50…but they are so very fine.

Back to opera…the Fidelio production is going to the Edinburgh Festival, on August 10 and 12.  You are all very welcome to experience it.

There is a very warm Ukrainian community here in Lyon.  The priest is superb.  Father Ihor is quite brilliant in his sermons.  I sang with him…and does he like singing! 

The Ukrainian Art Song is taking on a pace: I’m finishing off the first tome of Galician composers; 80 songs, which will be launched early next year, 2014.  Clad with the complete art songs of 7 of Ukraine’s finest composers, I’m going to New York on 8th March 2014, Toronto on 23rd march, then to Kyiv on 4th/5th April to present Shevchenko on the world stage, with Pushkin and Shakespeare.

The Bulava Chorus is joining me in Kyiv to present a unique Shevchenko concert and Stetsenko Liturgy, which I will dare to conduct!!!!!

More to follow.




About Pavlo Hunka

The Ukrainian Art Song Project is producing a historic set of recordings encompassing some two thousand works from twenty-six of Ukraine’s foremost classical composers. This blog, updated by the Project's Artistic Director Pavlo Hunka, will inform friends and followers about recent events and progress!
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